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Abortion Alternatives


There are various reasons why a parent might decide that adoption is the best option for a child. Perhaps the pregnancy was unplanned and the mother isn’t sure she’s ready to take care of a baby. Maybe financial, emotional, or other circumstances make the transition into parenthood difficult. For whatever reason a parent has, adoption is a brave, loving and life-giving decision that places a child in the care of another loving family.

Many parents in Northwest Indiana are looking to bring new children into their homes. Whether because they cannot have children of their own or because adoption simply calls to them, these adoptive parents have the potential to give children the loving home that every child deserves.

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Several of the children available for adoption are considered special needs because they have physical health, mental health, emotional health, and developmental problems. Throughout Porter County, couples with the love, talents and security to take care of these special children are waiting to adopt them.

We encourage families looking to adopt to explore their support system and seek services when issues arise throughout their adoption experience. All of God's children are in need of families that can provide a loving, stable and secure home for a growing child.


There are more than 3,500 pregnancy care centers throughout the United States. Below are just a few of these links:


Adoption is a Loving Alternative

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