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Prayers of Pro-Life Witnesses

On Saturday, January 15th, a group of about 30 people gathered at the

Courthouse in Valparaiso for a prayer vigil to remember the 65 million

children who have lost their lives due to the legalization of abortion

in our country that took place on January 22nd, 1973 when the Supreme

Court handed down the infamous Roe v Wade decision. For an hour, we

gathered together to pray in reparation for that evil that has befallen

our country. The theme of the prayer service was Why Being a Pro-life

Witness in the World Matters. We heard a short talk from Sheryll

Werner, President of La Porte County RTL, who spoke to this theme when

she told her story about, when she was a young adult, not stepping up

and helping a friend who wanted to get an abortion. Sheryll urged us to

have compassion on those who have had abortions and to not be afraid to

witness to the pro-life cause. The group prayed for those who will be

attending the March for Life in Washington DC on Friday January 21st as

well as the case pending before the Supreme Court that could overturn

the Roe v Wade decision.


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