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U.S. Seventh Circuit Grants Stay Pending Appeal.

Indiana Right to Life is applauding the Seventh Circuit's granting of a stay pending appeal today [9/8/21], allowing major provisions of Indiana law to remain in effect as Indiana appeals a lower court ruling that originally blocked these provisions. In today's ruling, the court noted, "All we hold today is that existing precedents provide strong grounds for concluding that Indiana is likely to prevail on the contested issues." These portions of Indiana law will remain in effect pending appeal: 1. Physician-only requirement for chemical abortions. 2. Hospital/surgical center requirements for second trimester abortions. 3. In-person counseling requirement. 4. In-person physical exam requirement. 5. Indiana's ban on using telemedicine for abortions. Indiana Right to Life President and CEO Mike Fichter issued this statement: “This is a welcome ruling recognizing that Indiana is on solid legal ground in defending its laws. It is revealing that in every issue at stake, abortion businesses seek to block provisions originally enacted to protect women's health.”


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