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Prayer For Life

Dear Lord,

We are your sons and daughters who get to experience the joys and challenges of the great and precious gift of life.

You teach us not to worry about tomorrow. Encourage us in our time of need to look to you. We hand over our organizational concerns for office space, board leadership, volunteers, and income over to you.

You teach us that even one voice crying in the wilderness can save many. Strengthen our numbers and our resources that we may nurture and support life in Porter County and beyond.

You teach us that the good man gets up when he falls. Give us the stamina to continue our work each day, each month, each year, though we may grow weary.

You teach us that we are not to despair. Fill us with hope so that we may joyfully continue our work in hard times.

You teach us that you are the way, the truth, and the life. Show us a way that we may turn to the right places, resources, and people for support.

You teach us that with you on our side, the small and meek can defeat evil. Please bless and watch over our organization, so that like little David, we may face the Goliath of the Culture of Death and ultimately defeat it.

You teach us to love others as you love us. Each time we save a life, we are saving our own. Each time we change a heart, we are changing our own.. Each time we do a small thing in your name with great love, we are doing your work.

You teach us to have courage when we pass through the fire. Help me to bravely go where I have not gone before, to bravely oppose evil forces regardless of peril, to bravely do things that are new to me to build a pro-life society.

You teach us that our reward is in heaven. Help me to work gladly without earthly reward, to suffer joyfully, to wander the earth seeking the redemption of souls. It is no longer me, but Christ who lives in me.

Outnumbered, but not outpowered. Weary, but not spent. Small, but not weak. Few, but not alone. Poor, but not without resources. Imperfect, but on your path. Lord, as you did, give my life for their lives.



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